7 Great UX Workshops

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UX workshops

In a previous post about UI training we listed useful resources for learning more about UI design. In this post, we highlight UX workshops focused on specific skills and methods.

UX Workshops: Research

User Research Methods Workshop

ux workshops research

If you have plenty of time and don’t need training customized for you or your team, the well-respected Interaction Design Foundation is a useful resource for UX practitioners with varying levels of experience. A flat annual fee offers access to all courses.

User Research – Methods and Best Practices is an intermediate level online course that addresses key research-related issues such as:

  • Return on investment (ROI
  • Planning a research study
  • Usability testing
  • Conducting semi-structured interviews
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Observation
  • How to effectively present research findings to customers and stakeholders

The segments focused on moderating semi-structured interviews and how to plan and run contextual inquiry are especially important for new and junior UX researchers. Without the proper training, it is far too easy to inadvertently lead study participants or misinterpret their remarks, body language, attitude and impressions.

Research Techniques Workshop

Alan Coopers design and training firm likely needs no introduction. Design Research Techniques is a two-day workshop offering hands-on practice with a variety of research methods such as collage, rapid prototyping, and ideal journey mapping. The course teaches students how to select the right interviewing strategy for different types projects. This might sound straightforward, but if you’re new to UX research or if your research efforts have focused exclusively on usability testing, learning when to use specific research methods will prove useful in the field.

UX Workshops: Design

Springboard, whose clients include TechCrunch and InVision, offers an online UX Design Course. Students learn UX fundamentals, build their own project, and are assigned a mentor lending a workshop element to this online course.

Course outcomes include an understanding of UX terms and concepts, a user-centered design process to use in the real world, and a portfolio based on the projected completed during the course.

This design course will best serve new UX practitioners who need grounding in UX fundamentals and practical way to create a portfolio with the help of an expert mentor.

UX Workshops: The Entire UX Design Cycle

UX Studio, a firm based in Hungary, offers an ambitious three-day UX Training workshop taught in their offices or your company’s preferred location. Students learn

  • The basics of user-centered design and product design stages.
  • How to identify and choose realistic goal as you plan research.
  • How to conduct research to learn about your users and then analyze the results and create research-based deliverables such as personas and experience maps.
  • Why wireframes are the key to quickly sketch designs and when to use low- and high-fidelity wireframes.
  • Key differences between designing for desktop and mobile.
  • When and how frequently to conduct usability testing.
  • How user-centered design fits into the Agile development process.

UX Workshops: E-Commerce

E-Commerce Workshop from Neuroscience to Decision Science

Fierce online competition and high cart abandonment rates mean the ability to sell online is more critical than ever. From decision science to neuroscience to cultural differences and effective techniques for grabbing the user’s attention, Psychology of E-Commerce: How to Sell Online offers a thorough introduction to the fun, creative, and competitive e-commerce landscape.

Data-Driven E-Commerce Workshop

For e-commerce companies with deep pockets, the Baymard Institute’s five-day E-Commerce UX Workshops merit consideration. Baymard draws on 32,000 hours of rigorous UX research focused on the e-commerce space. With a focus on patterns, a UX mindset, and e-commerce, these UX workshops provide practical and substantive knowledge that UX designers can use right away.

UX Workshops: Conversion

ux workshops conversion

UX and Usability is an online course focuses on leveraging UX to increase conversion. The workshop includes lessons such as:

  • How to prepare the right questions that will then allow you to accurately assess Google analytics without feeling overwhelmed by data.
  • Form analysis tools that show you how visitors to your site interact with your forms.
  • UX tips designed to increase form conversion.
  • How to improve the usability of detail and landing pages

Of UX workshops listed discussed in this post, this conversion course is among the most advanced. Practitioners with several years of UX, design, or market research experience are the most likely to benefit from this workshop.

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