Top 10 UX Podcasts

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In previous posts, we’ve talked about some great UX workshops, helpful tips, and killer resources for new and old UI/UX designers. Today, we examine some of the best UX podcasts in the field.

Note: We’re going to exclude Google Design, UX Podcast, and High Resolutions since we’ve already covered them in different posts.

UX Podcasts #1: The Hacking UI Podcast

Hosted by Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner, the Hacking UI podcast covers all of the UI bases. Not only does this podcast have two hyper-engaging hosts who are obsessed with growth hacking UI, but it also features some seriously influential UI experts.

So far, the podcast features:

With an all-star lineup like that, you can’t afford to miss out on this podcast. Plus, Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner like to dig deep into topics and avoid most of the superficial stuff, which can seem like a breath of fresh air in the saturated digital world.

Topics on this podcast include:

UX Podcasts #2: UI Breakfast Podcast

ux podcasts - ui breakfast podcast

Jane Portman’s UI Breakfast Podcast is equal parts UI/UX lessons and strategies for running a UI agency. There is tons of content centered around how to deal with deliverables, set client expectations, and understand timelines layered between pro UI and UX tips.

If you’re thinking about starting your own UI/UX agency or your planning on working independently in any capacity (freelance, consultant, etc.), this is the podcast for you. There’s a wealth of business information with sprinklings of take-home UI tips.

Topics on this podcast include:

UX Podcasts #3 UX and Growth

Austin Knight heads this happy-go-lucky podcast. As a former HubSpot UX leader and a current Google Chrome Product Designer, Austin Knight understands UX. Of course, his position scores him quite a few notable guests, including:

With over 100,000 episodes already downloaded, Austin Knight’s podcast is an incredibly successful and thoughtful podcast series with some twists. Each episode he has a new co-host, which means that listeners are really getting 2 unique stories each podcast.

Topics on the podcast include:

UX Podcasts #4 Front End Happy Hour

What happens when you mix front-end developers from LinkedIn, Netflix, and Evernote with shot glasses and drinking games? Front End Happy Hour! This podcast is definitely unique, and you’ll be laughing by the end of each episode. But, buried beneath the lame jokes, shots, and laughter are kernels of UI gold.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about native mobile app interfaces or being an intern, this podcast has the answers without the suit-and-tie tones.

Topics on this podcast include:

UX Podcasts #5 UX Pod

Gerry Gaffney has been hosting the UX Podcast for 13 years now, and it’s definitely stood the test of time. With such a length of time behind the podcast, it’s difficult to find a subject that hasn’t been touched on. Gaffney’s wonderful Australian accent coupled with his wide range of guests makes this podcast the perfect late night listen.

Topics on this podcast include:

UX Podcasts #6 99% Invisible

ux podcasts - invisible

The most famous podcast on this list is definitely 99% invisible, which is in the iTunes Top 50, has brought home numerous awards, and continues to spark imaginations and tell thoughtful, well-executed stories.

99% invisible focuses on the hidden aspects of design. The daily experiences that all of us have with design that has been carefully crafted behind-the-scenes by movers and shakers in the visual world. Really, this podcast is a salute to all things aesthetic, with a huge emphasis on the user experience.

This podcast is part of the Radiotopia brand, which hosts podcasts on a wide variety of subjects — all of which seem to gain a ton of traction in the podcast space.

Topics on this podcast include:

UX Podcasts #7 The UX Blog Podcast

Nicholas Tenhue hosts this podcast dedicated to all things UI and UX. This podcast takes listeners on a trip through the modernity of the user experience and touches on job outlooks and everyday life in the world of a UI/UX professional. Expect to hear plenty about nanobots, AI, robots, and the future of UI through the lens of modern practice.

Topics in this podcast include:

UX Podcasts #8 What Is Wrong with UX

Kate and Laura host this incredibly funny and down-to-earth UX podcast. Let’s give out a quick language warning on this one. Both Kate and Laura are straightforward, and they tend to be a little silly. But, behind the laughs and the vulgarity, there’s a lot of great UX information in these podcasts. Both hosts have a great way of winding their guests down and forcing them to focus on the more actionable aspects of their points.

Topics in this podcast include:

UX  Podcasts #9 The UX Intern

The concept behind the UX Intern is an interesting one. Wesley Noble talks to his guests about the basics. In fact, half of his guests are interns! The premise here is that Wesley (a UX intern and newbie to the field) can interact with seasoned professionals and learn how to become a better UX designer. So, for anyone that’s starting off in UX, this podcast is a great way to learn the basics without all of the confusing language and jargon.

Topics in this podcast include:

UX Podcasts #10 The UX Podcast

Per and James publish this podcast bi-monthly, and it’s filled with mission-critical UI tips. Both Per and James are seasoned UX vets who have been in the field since the late 80s/early 90s. They bring a wealth of experience without the “stuck-in-their-ways” vibe. Tons of the content on this podcasts revolves around new tech, and there is a wealth of guests and information regarding emerging trends.

Topics on this podcast include: