Top 10 UX Courses to Boost Your Skills

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In 15 Essential Skills UX Designers need today, we outlined the most important, marketable skills UX designers need to thrive in today’s workplace. Here are ten UX courses that will help you acquire those skills.

UX Courses #1: General Overview of UX

This free self-paced course offer includes over 131 hours of content with hands-on projects to help you master different concepts. There are videos, weekly lessons, and recommended readings to bolster your UX knowledge.

UX Courses #2: 52 Weeks of UX

Fifty-two weeks of UX is a comprehensive course dedicated to understanding UX. In week 51, you’ll  learn about achieving more meaningful simplicity. That lesson shows how to grab the user’s attention and build interest with a simple design.

Overall, the lessons help designers understand how to present a single idea in a user-friendly manner. If you follow the best practices in this course, your users will likely grasp the purpose of your site or app right away.

UX Courses #3: UX for Beginners

The course offers a fun way to learn about UX design. It is a crash course with 100 short and useful lessons especially for those who are new to UX design. These self-contained lessons cover the spectrum of fundamentals in UX design. Simple and practical real-life UX methods and processed are explained in depth.

UX Courses #4: User Experience Design Immersive

This course targets professionals who are  transitioning into a UX design career. Course content includes various projects to help students learn core UX skills. Students then apply their newly acquired skills by building a portfolio.

UX Courses #5: Interaction Design by Designlab

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This four-week course includes four Skype sessions with a professional and certified mentor. The goal is to help students develop the ability to understand and work on product design by offering a strong foundation in interaction and user interface design. Some of the core principles covered include:

  • Information architecture
  • Interaction states
  • System feedback and consistency

UX workshop activities such as sitemaps, task flow diagrams, and wireframes will help you master essential UX design skills.

UX Courses #6: Mastering the Art of Usability with Interaction Design

This online course targets those who are new to UX design. Course content includes human interface guidelines, fundamental interaction patterns, and basic usability principles. With a focus on interaction, this UX course is great for beginners because designers should master interaction design from the outset.

UX Courses #7: Human-Computer Interaction Course

This nine-week course includes free video lectures. With the use of technologies that bring people joy, you’ll be able to generate intuitive design ideas. The instructors teach techniques for quickly prototyping designs and how to receive feedback from users. The concepts informing effective interaction design include:

  • Cognition
  • Visual design
  • Perception

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UX Courses #8: Behavioral Economics

To create a user-friendly site or application, you must understand why people do what they do. Behavioral economists combine psychology and economics to explain how and why people make decisions. This course will show you how to steer customers towards desired outcomes such as subscribing, purchasing, or completing other important tasks.

UX Courses #9: Proven Strategies for Scaling Your Design System

This UX course includes the latest developments in UX. The goal is to help UX practitioners master their design system. There are five episodes featuring design leaders and developers. Each episode reveals best practices around product design. Influential thinkers in interaction design provide expert recommendations in an up-close video series. With every step of design system implementation carefully illustrated, UXers will gain a solid understanding of every stage in the design system development process.

UX Courses #10: UX Foundation

As expected, design is the focus in many UX courses. Well-rounded UX practitioners, however, should also understand content strategy. This content strategy course teaches UX practitioners how to use content alongside imagery, video, metadata, and social interactions to sharpen the brand’s focus and increase brand exposure. Instructors explain how to:

  • Create persona spectrums to better understand users.
  • Wireframe content to ensure proper layout and consistent messaging.
  • Track metrics to assess the organization’s content strategy.

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