User Experience Training: 7 Great Resources

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For those looking to break into UX or expand their UX skills, knowing where to begin can feel a bit daunting. There are countless resources dedicated to offering UXers user experience training. How can UX professionals determine which of these offerings might be best for them? And, more important, how do curious minds know the information they’re receiving is legitimate?

That’s why the team at UI UX Training has put together this list of seven stellar resources for anybody seeking user experience training. Below, we’ve outlined just a handful of the great learning opportunities presented across the web and taken some time to mention what makes them great.

Whether you’re looking to be directed to your next learning opportunity, or you use this guide as a springboard to find resources suited to you, here’s your rundown on seven great opportunities to expand your knowledge.

6 UX Lessons You Can Learn in the Toilet by Chris How

We won’t deny that the title might leave you shaking your head, but Chris How’s quick article on a handful of easy UX lessons is well worth the read. If you’re new to the field, you’ll do well to learn a few basic lessons about the concepts behind great UX before worrying about any confusing details.

That’s where this article comes into play. How outlines six simple, effective, and worldly lessons we can all learn about top-notch user experience without needing to understand jargon– or even knowing how to work a computer!

User Experience Training: CALARTS UI/UX Design Specialization Course offered via Coursera

Coursera offers a range of free, fully online courses that allow busy professionals to learn on their own schedules. Coursera Specializations are series of courses designed to help learners master skills.

Students in the Specialization will have the opportunity to complete a hands-on project centered around what they’ve learned over their time completing courses. These UI UX design classes, straight from CALARTS, take a design-centric approach to user experience training. You’ll have the opportunity to learn via skill-based instruction as you explore visual communications and how they impact UX and UI.

About Face: The Essential of Interaction Design (4th Edition) by Alan Cooper

The fourth edition of Cooper’s beloved dive into the evolution of interaction design has received a bevy of critical updates. Now, readers will have the opportunity to delve into the worldwide shift to smartphones and tablets and what it means for UX professionals around the globe. Cooper relies on a carefully-crafted layout (as only a UX pro can) to help vividly illustrate modern and innovative design concepts.

user experience training interaction design

Understanding how to offer clients and colleagues valuable, relevant insight and services has always been a crucial part of succeeding in the UX industry. Those just beginning their user experience training will do well to absorb as much of Cooper’s advice as they can. It’s an excellent crash course on the state of the sector today.

Ultimate Start Guide for User Experience Training by Johny Vino

Johnny Vino has worked for five years to create a comprehensive, beginner-friendly set of links to direct user experience beginners toward valuable information. The listicle itself isn’t going to further your user experience training, but it’s a great starting point for helping find further details on topics you might find confusing.

Essential TED Talks for UX Design

This curated collection of eight UX-centric TED talks is an excellent beginner’s resource. While you certainly won’t be receiving any direct user experience training via these videos, they’re a great way to get comfortable with the world of UX and its foundational concepts.

You’ll be able to take your pick when it comes to which talks to pursue, but we suggest giving them all a watch if you’ve got the time. Viewers have the opportunity to learn about:

  • …using design thinking to solve small, universal, and overlooked problems from Chief Creative Officer of IDEO Paul Bennett
  • …the pitfalls of heavy reliance on big data over human insight from technology ethnographer Tricia Wang
  • …noticing the subtle problems that routine and comfort cause us to overlook from iPad and Nest thermostat designer Tony Fadell

Designing Together: The Collaboration and Conflict Management Handbook for Creative Professionals by Dan M. Brown

Much of your user experience training will center around hands-on learning, researching new approaches to problems, and building an understanding of how to craft top-notch UX deliverables. What the bulk of UX crash courses won’t tell you is that you’ll need to work on building one essential skill if you want to see success in the industry: the ability to collaborate effectively with other people.

Brown’s book takes a UX-centric approach to educating budding professionals about collaboration and conflict management. Readers will learn how to diagnose difficult situations, build personality traits known to benefit designers, and cooperate effectively with teams of all shapes and sizes.

UX Design Principles Course offered by The American Graphics Institute (AGI)

What better resource to turn to for user experience training than the AGI itself? This course was created with the intent to serve UX beginners– you don’t need any experience or training to be able to understand the concepts and lessons you’ll be exposed to throughout the learning experience. Those pursuing a UX Certificate from American Graphics Institute can also utilize this course as the starting point of their journey.

Curious minds can select from online or in-person classes in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. Each class session runs $695 and serves to teach:

  • Foundational UX principles
  • Space, form, and function (and how they apply to UX design)
  • UX planning and prototyping skills

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