7 Resources for Creating a UX Design Portfolio


At UI UX Training we are revising our portfolio. Here is a list of tools and resources to aid in developing an engaging UX design portfolio.

1. Online Tools for Creating a UX Design Portfolio

If you wish to build and test your own designs to include in a UX design portfolio, you will need prototyping tools such as:

  • Framer X – This Mac-based tool can code components and create prototypes and animations with a high level of details and functionality.
  • Figma – The free (for up to two editors and three projects) online UI and UX design application has integrated code-generation tools that are used to create designs and prototypes.
  • Adobe XD – This is another excellent design tool to assist UX designers in creating intuitive prototypes, wireframes, and applications.
  • Sketch – Popular among UX design communities, it generates high-fidelity prototypes, UI elements, and prototypes.

2. Hosting Your UX Design Portfolio

If you are not already displaying your portfolio online, the following platforms can help get you started:

  • Behance is a popular social platform that allows designers to upload and showcase their creative UX projects.
  • Dribble is another portfolio platform for showcasing your UX/UI design to a wide online audience.
  • WordPress is a blog and website creation tool featuring a wide range of plugins and themes as backgrounds for UX/UI designers to promote their design and showcase their UX design portfolio.
  • Squarespace includes a variety of templates and tools to create your own designs.

3. Blogs, Case Studies, and Award-winning Portfolios

Blogs give a host of advantages. They provide helpful information relevant to the UX industry’s best practices, practical guides, and insights into developing a UX portfolio. Visit these blogs for the most insightful information:

  • Atlassian Design – The blog is focused on highlighting the critical elements of design patterns.
  • Creative Bloq – A great resource for all things design.
  • Mockplus blog – Best for UI/UX practitioners who want to learn about design resources, prototyping tools, and tips on how to polish their UX design portfolio.
  • Awwwards – This site showcases award-winning portfolios.
  • Case Study Club – This site contains case studies about digital UX design. While case studies and UX design portfolios are not identical, certain best practices for case studies also apply UX design portfolios.

4. Collaboration Tools to Help with Your UX Design Portfolio

These tools are designed as messenger applications. They allow communication between members of a team without the need to send emails. You can join any group or channel and ask questions about developing a UX portfolio. Collaboration tools include:

  • UX Mastery – This Slack space is designed to offer a wide variety of online publications, podcasts, and an interactive communication medium.
  • Designer Hangout – Collaboration site with a network of UX designers and researchers who are available to share advice.

5. UX Libraries

Libraries are a good source of ideas and inspiration for current trends in UX and UI design. While it’s unwise to jump on the latest trend, referring to current trends is one useful reference point as you craft a UX design portfolio that ultimately showcases your voice and style. Useful UX libraries include:

ux design portfolio patterns

  • UI-Patterns – This website contains visual examples of UX solutions that are incorporated in various end products
  • UI Garage –Features an inspiring collection of current designs.
  • Adele – Adele captures a record of the publicly available UX design techniques and patterns developed by independent organizations.

6. YouTube Videos

Here are some useful YouTube channels devoted to design:

7. UX Magazines

Several magazines include articles with practical techniques and best practices in digital design such as:

Follow these best practices as you develop your UX design portfolio.