UX Workshops

Our virtual workshops are loaded with hands-on activities to help your team enhance their UX research, design and copywriting skills. We leverage tools like Miro and Mural as we conduct collaborative exercises like creating personas, task flows, storyboards, and more.

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UX Training Step by Step

Hands-on exercises designed to teach you real world research, design, and testing techniques that you can apply to your daily UX work. The following UX workshop activities will be based on case studies directly relevant to your industry:

  • Conducting expert reviews to assess the current state of a site, app, or product. Discussion includes the dual purpose served by expert reviews as both a heuristic evaluation and a method to identify key areas for UX research.
  • Analyzing research findings from surveys, diary studies, interviews, and contextual inquiry.
  • Creating personas
  • Writing clear, compelling scenarios that reflect real-world tasks while meeting business and stakeholder needs.
  • Mapping current and new task flows.
  • Drawing wireframes and a discussion about when to draw low-, medium-, and high-fidelity wireframes.
  • Experimenting with micro-interactions such as forms and error messages, critical elements in UX and UI design.

UX Training: Research and Field Work

Research is the foundation of user experience. Without careful attention to business and user needs a design is likely to fail. Workshop activities include:

  • Conducting stakeholder interviews to ensure that the research effort aligns with core business goals.
  • Identifying the best research method for a particular project.
  • Planning research such as surveys, interviews, diary studies, and contextual inquiry.
  • Practicing contextual inquiry with an emphasis on the observation component of this method.
  • Practicing in-depth interviews with an emphasis how to avoid leading users, when to probe, and how to assess the user’s responses to your questions.


Cross-Cultural Design

Drawing on the work of Geert Hofstede, Erin Meyer, David Livermore, and our testing and fieldwork outside the U.S., we show you how to:

  • Identify cultural factors that influence how users in that culture perceive and experience your product. For example, while users in the U.S. often lament ads, users in Mexico often seek promotions and tend to react negatively if a web site does not include a deal or promotions.
  • Evaluate your existing product offerings to determine how closely they reflect cultural considerations.
  • Tailor your designs to meet the needs of users in specific countries or regions. For example, one client designed passion pages to more closely match the needs of Brazilian users who initially did not respond well to an e-commerce site with a US-centric design.


UX Copywriting

Learn why UX practitioners are well positioned to write quality copy and integrate this content into their designs. Examine this underutilized skill and learn how to write clear, compelling copy that will make you and your organization stand out with exceptional content and design. UX workshop activities include:

  • Tapping your inner writer: How to apply your expertise in user analysis to writing copy.
  • Writing micro-copy for web and mobile apps.
  • Planning copy for software localization (for firms with a global presence).

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